What have I accomplished so far today?

  1. Ran some errands.
  2. Reorganized the apps on my phone.
  3. Learned all of Slim Thug’s verse (yes, 17 whole seconds - quite a challenge, as I am very white, in both skin color and personality/rap ability) in “Check On It”.
  4. Considered posting a video of me lip-synching said verse. Decided against it. Maybe another day.
  5. Downloaded the Lisa Frank app. I know I’m super late on getting into this, but I also just started watching The X-Files, so I’m even later on that. Anyway, I made two masterpieces with the app - one of a photo from December of me hangin’ with Tupac, and one from yesterday that I already ran through Instagram so it’s twice as special (twice as stupid). 
  6. Photo #2 is clearly an homage to this photo, except with some extra flair.
  7. Does the bear in the top hat remind anyone of that scene in The Shining where you see a brief glimpse of a ghost getting head from a guy wearing a bear suit? Just me? Ok.
  1. cocksmell said: Need that video of you please.
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